Mold design validating how to

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When working with existing CAD models, simulation users can de-feature and simplify geometry with automated, easy-to-learn tools.

Space Claim is ideal for engineers who don’t have time for CAD but want and need to get fast answers using 3D.

SMAC's CBL Series actuators have been specially designed with packaging equipment OEMs and end users in mind.

BUCT was able to successfully control the precision of the screw within the acceptable tolerance.

The part reject rate was significantly lowered from 90% to 5% which ultimately helped generate a greater business value for manufacturing companies, as well as, reducing material wastage.

Based on true 3D technology, Moldex3D Cool is an efficient tool to accurately analyze the mold temperature, the efficiency of cooling channel layout and the required cooling time in the design phase.

Moldex3D Cool is a useful troubleshooting tool to detect possible mold cooling system defects, such as unbalanced cooling, hot spots, prolonged cooling time due to poor cooling efficiency.

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