Updating garmin 260w

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Garmin Communicator lets your Garmin Nuvi device interface with Garmin's Web site for software updates.Why Communicator and Agent aren't packaged into one application is beyond us.Need to troubleshoot a problem with it not coming on or working right?However reliable this device is, it is still likely the user will encounter an issue or have a question eventually.If the adapter is good, disconnect the GPS from the power source and try to turn it on by pushing on the power switch and holding it there for a minute.

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When Garmin introduced Lifetime Maps back in 2008, they commonly used the term "quarterly map updates" in their advertising.

Start by connecting your Garmin Nuvi to your PC with the included USB cable.

Any suggestions on things I might have missed along the way? nuvi 260, Software Version 2.80 (from reading the question, the questioner has already done this bit, but for the benefit of anyone else coming here): After installing a new map, you'll probably need to turn it on.

On the Nuvi 1300 in front of me, I have to select "tools / settings / map / info" and ensure that the box next to the map that you want to use is ticked.

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