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Additionally, we provide support to victims and will guide them through a step-by-step process of exploring available options.Sexual Assault is the undesired physical contact of a sexual nature.The benefits of engaging students in an age appropriate, positive, non-threatening discussion of physical, verbal, and sexual abuse can far outweigh the drawbacks., are acts of violence, threat or intimidation that harm or injure a partner in a current or former intimate relationship (defined below).

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Stalking in the context of intimate relationships is a course of conduct (i.e., more than one act) directed at a partner that would cause a reasonable person to feel fear, to experience emotional distress or to fear for the safety of a third person.

SGSC will not tolerate violence of this nature, nor related retaliation, and will take reasonable and prompt action on such allegations when there is a belief that the safety and security of individuals or the campus community has been breached.

These actions may constitute violations of criminal and civil law, Title IX violations, and/or violations of college policy.

Unfortunately, the common myth that children are abused only once and by a complete stranger is false.

In truth, 93% of sexually abused children are abused by a relative or someone the family knows.

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