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On the morning of March 11, 1977, Detective Philip Vannatter, of the Los Angeles Police Department, arrived at his desk in the West L. division to find a report that had been placed there a few hours earlier. “After I read him his rights, I asked him to take me upstairs to his room, so I could do the search,” Vannatter went on.The document recounted how patrol officers had gone to the home of Samantha Gailey, a thirteen-year-old girl who lived in the San Fernando Valley, after her mother called police to say that Samantha had been raped by Roman Polanski, the movie director, who was forty-four at the time. “I noticed that he had something in his hand, and he was just about to drop it.Known as the , Huntington Lake is at 7,000 feet and is a crisp and clear alpine lake. This area is undeveloped and surrounded by forests, lakes, streams, waterfalls, granite rock formations and views to take your breath away.Short day trips to the high country offer visitors variety in fishing and hiking trips or just taking in the beauty.“As we were walking through the lobby, I saw Polanski getting out of the elevator,” Vannatter said. He kept asking me for the quaalude back, so he could take it and calm down,” Vannatter said.

Lakeshore Resort is the place to be for all the mountains have to offer.Harrer's Nazi-tainted past had been raised and it could never really be reburied. Harrer's second great adventure, recounted in his book Sieben Jahre in Tibet (Seven Years in Tibet, 1953), had been turned into a Hollywood epic just a year before, with Brad Pitt as the good-looking Austrian hero who escaped from internment in British India to become a tutor to the Dalai Lama.In the film, the postman's son from Hüttenberg was portrayed as a real-life Indiana Jones, which in many ways he was.There is always something to do in the Sierra or just do nothing, whichever you decide, we are here to help you have a relaxing and enjoyable time away.Call to book your stay with us any time of year (559) 893-3193.

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