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I mean, we've heard the charming phrases like "bros before hos" and "chicks over dicks" so frequently that the notion is ingrained into our minds: Don't date your ex's buddy and don't date your friend's ex. Without rhyme, reason, logic and common sense, we often find ourselves inexplicably attracted to someone. True friendship and true love are both elusive the key is trying to get them both!

The lover in question might not be worth causing a rift in your friendship.

If your friend had a serious relationship with their ex and split up recently, then they probably won’t appreciate you making a move on their ex, so be prepared for a rough time.

If their ex is willing to start dating you, ask yourself if it’s because they do genuinely like you or if they are trying to make your friend jealous.

and then we get stupid spencer/wren and spencer/marco instead on top of it all.

DATE: Author: eararex I would perfer friends before dating, but most the time, I just end up dating whoever, and becoming friends second. Dating a Friend - How To Information | e How.comgirl friend - Going from friends to lovers. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try.

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Other factors such as, how long ago your friend split from their ex, how serious they were, who broke up with who, and how you think your friend will react, are all things you need to think about.

I'm okay with it, and don't have any complains there).

Dating Your Ex's Friend - Ask Men Your dating my ex quotes - Dating my ex quotes - When Time Is Nigh.

If you genuinely have strong feelings for their ex and would like to start dating them seriously, then you need to try and work out if they could have feelings for you.

If their previous relationship has only just ended, it’s best to wait a while before you make a move.

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