Leibniz laboratory for radiometric dating and isotope research

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Carbonate C background: Does it have multiple personalities? abstract Nadeau M-J, Grootes PM, Schleicher M, Hasselberg P, Rieck A, Bitterling M, 1998.

Sample throughput and data quality at the Leibniz-Labor AMS facility. abstract Schleicher M, Grootes PM, Nadeau M-J, Schoon A, 1998.

Upgrades to reduce maintenance include replacing four cryo- by turbo pumps, installing a deionizer loop, which keeps conductivity between 100 and 150 μS/cm to control corrosion, in the closed cooling water circuit, and developing a new sample wheel, which holds target holders with a groove and spring clip.Long term stability is demonstrated by the results obtained for IAEA reference materials, measured routinely and regularly over the years.The Leibniz-Labor was founded to provide radiometric dating services using AMS and measured over 15 000 samples and 26 800 targets up to September 2002.The standard chemical pre-treatment of organic radiocarbon samples produces often two fractions: one from which contaminants have been removed, and one in which they have been enriched.Dating both fractions reveals the degree of sample contamination.

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