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We had to form an entity and chose to be an association with charitable objects ( see entries below) focusing on reducing isolation amongst older people.

WOW relates the cycle of desire between two lovers. WOW relates the cycle of desire between two lovers.

FORMER winners, finalists and sponsors are set to gather at the Italian Villa in Poole on Wednesday, June 15, for a reception to mark the launch of the 2016 Dorset Business Awards, organised by Dorset Chamber and Commerce and Industry.

This year’s launch event, sponsored by Breeze Volkswagen, will celebrate the achievements of past winners and reveal this year’s award categories, as well as kick-start entries for the competition.

These visits showed us what worked or not, what needs have to be balanced, who came and what a great idea it was.

Hughes traces the evolution of abstract art and minimalism and considers the spiritual richness of earth works, in which nature is the artist's medium.

If Tim gets wind if this and asks me to remove it, I shall do so post haste.

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The 2016 launch event will provide potential entrants with the opportunity to meet sponsors to find out what they are looking for in this year’s entries and will be a good opportunity to network with the Dorset business community.” The awards campaign will culminate in a prestigious gala dinner ceremony on Thursday, November 24, at the Bournemouth International Centre.

Companies interested in finding out more about the launch event or award categories should contact Stuart Dixon on 01202 714810.

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