Who is paul hogan dating

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The 58-year-old has traded in her infamous blonde locks and is now sporting a stylish brunette 'do with loose waves past her shoulders.

However, her incredible curves are just as envy-inducing as they were in the 1986 classic, with her ample assets and pert derrière still turning heads.

Crocodile Dundee was followed by two sequels in 19, but neither were received as well as the first.

The spark between Sue and Michael spilled over into reality, with Linda and Paul getting married back in 1990.

Hogan followed this with his own comedy sketch program The Paul Hogan Show, which he produced and wrote, and in which he played characters with Cornell and Delvene Delaney.

Like the mysterious alchemy of a sponge cake, this could go either way.

“He has people over all the time and they’re always messing around in the front garden.”Paul, 76, and Linda, 57, split in 2014.

The pair was spotted cuddling as they sipped at cans of energy drinks.

Chance, who is growing up at a rate of knots, has been a cause of concern for his parents Paul and Linda Kozlowski as he negotiates his teen years.

Hogan inveigled his way onto the program by claiming to be a "tap-dancing knife-thrower".

Hogan appeared on stage in his work boots, holding kitchen knives; he performed a rudimentary shuffle, threw the knives onto the floor and proceeded to make a series of jokes at the judges' expense.

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