Romantic dating gestures different

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Much of the time, it's those little somethings and sweet nothings that help you stay connected for the long haul. The 15 suggestions below are just a few examples of everyday actions that mean the world to someone you're in love with. Pick up her dry cleaning, stock his fridge with a week's worth of groceries, clean her bathroom, frame the poster that’s been sitting in the corner of his living room since you met. What better workout motivation is there than a reminder of how much you care? Help whittle down your significant other's to-do list. If you and your significant other live apart, make an effort to stock your place with specific items — food, shampoo, etc. Maybe he's been using the same broken umbrella for a year, or she's always misplacing her keys. Touch is an easy and powerful gift you can give almost anywhere… Even if it feels a little silly at first, it'll help you and your partner keep the butterflies alive.Don't tell them you've 'heard that story before'Give them the satisfaction of telling it, and react as if you've never heard it before. Hide a silly photo of you on their camera roll Then text them telling them to look at it halfway through the day. (And maybe call it something nicer than a bucket list.)26. Take the piss out of them Playful banter is the sincerest form of flirtery.12. Make a big fuss over them for their little accomplishments It'll make them feel dead special. Give them a foot rub (unbegrudgingly)It's the ultimate test of your love but it'll go down a storm.15. Be the bigger person If you're fighting over something stupid, be the one to let it go.19.After all, it's tough to be romantic with all those tasks hanging over your head. looks like an old cassette tape, but it's actually a flash drive.

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Buy Flowers Traditionally men buy flowers for women, but why can't that gesture go both ways?

Play with their hair(Unless they get greasy hair easily, in which case AVOID.)32. Hug for that bit longer Hugging like you mean it will make them feel as warm and loved as a pile of newborn kittens.

Bake them something tasty Nothing says love like a tray of brownies.

Send your sweetheart a postcard or love letter in the mail. Snail mail packs a punch — especially when it's not a bill. Share your feelings through music by making your sweetie a modern mix tape.

Heart-shaped pancakes are easy (hint: pour the batter into a heart-shaped cookie cutter). Reminisce about your first impressions of your partner and some of the best, most exciting things that have happened in your relationship since then. Put it somewhere your partner will see it every day.

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