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SEVERAL phone networks are down across Peebles for the third time in two months.'No service' problems were previously reported on Monday, March 27 and Tuesday, April 18, as engineers carried out 'essential maintenance' on a telephone mast in the area.The issues currently mobile affecting users today, (Monday, May 8) are on the EE, O2, Three, Tesco Mobile, and Giff Gaff networks.EE's online network service checker said: "We've had some reports from other people also experiencing problems nearby.They're happy with the legacy phone service that beeps with a dial tone during electric power outages.They don't want to pay higher prices and they resist being told what to do by the local phone monopoly.We are committed to addressing customer complaints as fairly and as quickly as possible.

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But hard-core copper customers such as the Altmans won't be easily won over.Currently one third of customer telephone lines across Central Government used higher rate numbers with half of those lines serve the poorest people.More than 130 million calls from the public are being charged at a rate of up to 45p per minute at an estimated total cost of £56 million a year.Dozens of “wicked” premium rate phone lines that have overcharged thousands of victims of crime, widows and students will no longer be used government departments the Cabinet Office has announced today.New guidance issued for all central departments, public bodies and Government services provided by external contractors yesterday has said high-cost phone lines are “inappropriate” and cheaper alternatives must always be offered.

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