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For about three years, the non-profit began developing a curriculum and held its first training in the Philadelphia area in 2010.The program’s first two years were piloted in that area.

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RICHARD Evans, who has died after a sudden cardiac arrest aged 52, was a senior conservation policy officer at RSPB Scotland, and played a pivotal role in the defence and conservation of some of Scotland’s rarest and most highly valued protected areas.Both of these men were excellent male role models for me. Gordon Steward (on the right) was my track coach for four years.He was very a caring person and did not yell at anyone, but if I did something that was not right I could see the disappointment in his eyes and that was much worse than someone yelling at me. He noticed I was dating and one day said to me “Lar, a stiff pecker has no conscious.” He always encouraged us to work hard in practice and do our best.He surveyed Moray Firth seaduck in the winter and Caithness seabirds in the summer as part of North Sea oil industry related monitoring.Two of the most memorable men in my life in high school were my coaches.

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