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Results will be released on the dates listed in the table below.On the date of release, you will receive an email giving you the link to the results page. This is called “crunch,” and while other industries have equivalents (teachers before finals, comics creators before deadlines), the AAA games industry pressures itself to release bigger, more robust, and more feature-rich games, which results in grueling periods of crunch and many veteran developers abandoning the field in favor of… Kotaku’s Jason Schreier filed an in-depth investigative report on the horrors of crunch which I highly recommend.

These are the questions covered by the project “Seasonal water resources management in semi-arid regions: Transfer of regionalized global information to practice” (Sa Wa M) coordinated by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).because I was supposed to have played the game ten times before, while taking exacting notes, that’s how.) instead builds core gameplay out of a series of comparatively predictable problems to resolve; on any given day you may be dealing only with one or two of these, or with a nerve-wracking half dozen.Each of these problem scenarios starts with some number of elements (participating students, locations of interest to the investigation), but they can resolve in different ways: seeing the same intro twice doesn’t guarantee that you know the outcome the second time around.Your task is to get through the year and graduate – which will require you to investigate and resolve assorted conspiracies, crises, and personal misunderstandings in the student body.The other members of the student council are therefore both your dating pool (if you choose to date, which is not mandatory) and your tool for solving problems, as you’re assigning girls to intervene where their skills make them most suitable.

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