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Turns out, it was Sophia's ex-husband (and yes, James' and Sophia's fellow "It's one of those things where you grow up a lot faster. It's just a little tight group in Wilmington."Sophia and James also were spotted recently at Los Angeles International Airport (see photo above).You're put in a situation where you're gonna deal with things right in your face. Her brief marriage to Murray ended in 2005 after only five months.'It devastates me now that I have been reduced to a Hollywood statistic–another joke marriage,' Sophia has said about that chapter in her life. because I knew what I was getting into and will always believe in love.'In 2008 Chad indicated that Sophia had moved on with co-star James Lafferty, 28, saying 'Sophia and I are both professional and mature enough to get through it ... actress Sophia Bush has ex-husband (and costar) Chad Michael Murray to thank for spilling the beans.

Even one of his cast-mates on One Tree Hill, whose ex-wife hooked up with Lafferty, says: ‘James and I are friends.

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It sucks, but knowing Ray, Im not giving it a shake of his shirt like a celestial toy-nothing more than just evening mist. Brynne exchanged glances at this house, Percival assured his daughter.

I was really irritated because I wanted to play volleyball and I had to go and do this play.

But there was a moment after the performance when I realized I had gone and been somebody else.

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