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The rabbit vibrator has been a classic favorite among women for decades.Known for turning all the ladies on Sex and the City into masturbation maniacs, the rabbit model stands as the reliable go-to of all vibrators.

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No, you’d let it thaw first, then season it with love, then expose it to all that fiery hot goodness to get juiced up and yummy. But a few sensual kisses on the earlobe or even an old school massage does wonders.

Whether you’re playing with a partner or flying solo, these hard-working toys make the perfect bedroom treat. With all the shapes, sizes and textures, the options are lush—like a girl at Tiffanies, it’s hard to want just one, especially when they all look so pretty!

To make your decision easier, use this guide for the best vibrators designs for your personality.

They work by constricting blood flow, forcing it to built up inside the penis until he bursts!

The sensation is epic, but it’s also wonderful for the receiving partner.

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