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If anyone is interested in gathering the logs for firewood, please contact the Visitor Center at 208-476-1255 and we can assist you with a wood cutting permit. Water Levels and Boat Ramps Dworshak Dam discharge flows to decrease Flows will decrease during a 4-hour period from the current volume of 25,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) to a target flow of 8,000 cfs.

The decrease will result in lower water levels and velocities in the North Fork Clearwater River.

The sudden removal of the upper part of the volcano by the landslides triggered the almost instantaneous expansion (explosion) of high temperature-high pressure steam present in cracks and voids in the volcano and of gases dissolved in the magma that caused the bulge of the cryptodome.

The abrupt pressure release, or "uncorking," of the volcano by the debris avalanche can be compared in some ways to the sudden removal of the cap or a thumb from a vigorously shaken bottle of soda pop, or to punching a hole in a boiler tank under high pressure. Helens, the "uncorking" unleashed a tremendous, northward-directed lateral blast of rock, ash, and hot gases that devastated an area of about 230 square miles in a fan-shaped sector north of the volcano.

Every family member will enjoy their stay at Beach Palace and take home unforgettable memories.

The DRA will work with federal, state, county and local government agencies on current and future activities on and around the reservoir.

For general waterpark information, please call 208-783-1111 x 8150.

Surf's Up at Idahos Largest Indoor Waterpark Resort!Simply click “Forgot Password” to reset your password.At RLHC, we know that the best vacations aren’t the ones where you only follow travel guides, but rather the ones where you mix things up and strike up conversations with locals and visit the places they recommend.I will still post info here and pictures as always but the face book page has some great information! DEBRIS CAN BITE Due to heavy rains, the tributaries of Dworshak Reservoir were very high this spring.The force of the water has pushed logs and debris into the reservior.

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