Alphabeat singers dating

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The band landed a new deal with Polydor and began work on their second album, The Beat Is..., with renewed enthusiasm. Says Anders: 'To push forward, you need to borrow from the past. We're mixing house music and trance, but it's also important to create something new. The determined Danes abandoned their old, guitar-driven outlook for a more dancefloor-friendly approach after Anders had an epiphany while walking through an open-air market in Bristol. 'I heard the Black Box single Ride On Time and it inspired me to make a record that reflected my love of classic songwriting,' he says.

But still they go, every morning, to their grim upstairs rooms in gyms and their backstreet, backstage West End doors, to dance. (Main guy singer who bashes his tambourine around like a spaz!!!!!) I know he SAYS he has a girlfriend but he just seems completely gay! (Main guy singer who bashes his tambourine around like a spaz!!!!!The source went on to explain how Jake was wooing Vicki with his gentlemanly charm - supposedly encouraged by his father Shane from the sidelines - and at the end of the night he made the rather forward gesture of offering to drive her back to London with him.Since the break-up, both have been pouring their heartbreak into their song lyrics, with Jesy's band Little Mix releasing Shout Out To My Ex and Jake penning a track called I Swear She’ll Be The Death Of Me.

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