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And sexting is a big part -- I never heard about it until this episode. He has a tough past and doesn't have any parents in his life, but he's doing very well -- he's in the gifted program and has a very smart, kind girlfriend now.

After we had the read through and I found out that Alli is having the sexting storyline, I knew that this is an issue. In season nine, he's trying to climb up even higher and branch out, starting with the basketball team.

Among other stuff, I co-created a sitcom, ran one of the first web radio series, wrote lots of Degrassi specials, blogged, produced online games, and authored promotional tampon fiction.

But the part of my job that I consistently enjoyed the most was recording The-N.com’s N-Sider Podcast every week with The-Mary.

When I first started watching Degrassi in season 3 (2004) there were Degrassi fansites everywhere: show sites, character sites and even ship sites . Around season 8, I noticed there were maybe 1 or 2 sites around.

I wanted to created a place where fans could get all of the important info in one place, so that’s where we are now!

She has mini skirts, tank tops, and high heels -- I don't even know how she brings them all -- I'm impressed by this girl!

So believe it or not, you see even less clothes on Alli this season.

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She also performed the role of “clara” in the nutcracker at hamilton profile profile autotext.,"lists":}.

) in its new home (Netflix), with ten highly binge-able half hour long episodes.

The episodes were all conveniently titled using hashtags to make them seem “all cool” and “millennial-approved” and stuff.

Because, really, who wouldn’t want to watch something called #This Could Be Us But You Playin and #Since We Bein Honest?

As the Proverbial Peter Pan of Television Shows, this little gem has been around in various iterations, since some time in the early eighties. ) As such, its seen a whole lot of cast members come and go, some of whom (well, mostly just Drake) went on to become major household names.

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