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I’ve always had a soft side for girls who don’t mind sharing, now if I had to choose I’d most likely pick those sluts in the picture above.These three girls and two lucky guys had a blast making this 360 porn video and none of their dicks went home feeling unsatisfied!It wasn’t just about showing off to each other – it was about male attention.And the few, rather unfortunate, male teachers became targets.Why Some Younger Women Like Older Men Younger women often enjoy the company of older man for a variety of reasons.A very common reason that many women turn to older men is that these men are more mature than the men their own age.

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Older men often view pleasure in a different light than younger men and are more concerned with the woman’s pleasure as opposed to their own. Older men tend to be more steadfast and stable and are generally more established and settled in their chosen careers than are younger men.

The article tells teenagers: “At some point take half an hour to flirt (gently) with the parent of the opposite sex and then write a witty thank-you letter – bingo, you’re a winner…. Hone your social-seduction techniques now and those same tools will serve you handsomely for ever.” I seriously hope that none of its young readers will take any of this on board.

In no circumstances should girls ever feel they have to flirt to get ahead, let alone when they’re still going through puberty.

Young adult women typically have more of a need for connection.

While they will create careers, they also want to eventually create a family.

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