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Although originally founded in Wichita, the corporate office is now located in Plano, Texas. Reply i was a customer of rent a center for a while the first time i missed a payment i was living in a secure building and the employee got in the building and banged on my door i guess i didnt open the door fast enough so he starts starts to turn the door knob and as im just about to my door the door is starting to open. i called and told the manager and of course nothing happened. I have never been so excited to take on a new job in my 25 plus years that I have been working.Current CEO, Mark Speese, joined the company in 1979. Reply I’ve been trying to replace my tablet for awhile through rent a center every time I call they say cont do nothing im tired of being lied to and the corporate office doesn’t even answer the phone can I have some assistance please very angry Reply On Saturday March 42017 about 4pm my sister was at my house and I was in the hospital sick my sister saw through my window at my door the guy from rentacenter was approaching so when he knocked on the door she saw how he peeked in my window like a peeking tom. Poteat my sister stated no my sister stated how much is her bill Bobby states 148.32 my sister states I don’t have that much today. They said there was nothing they could do for me but come get the bed. EVER TIME I try to settle the account I’m giving a price. I’m given a date to pay it when that day comes hundreds of dollars are added.The company went public in 1995 and has gained many of its current locations through acquisitions of other companies including DEF Investments, Thorn Americas, Rent-Way, Rainbow Rentals and Rent-Rite. So she stopped and just yelled through door she is not here then my cell rang my sister had my phone since I was in hospital it was Bobby from rentacenter he just started talking telling my sister my business without even asking for me. So then she let Bobby know I will b out of hospital on Thursday then Bobby states she oh her bill will double by then . I’ve paid over ,000 for a refurbished item worth 0.Check out our Love for Life program to make provisions for your furkids in the event you can no longer care for them.Hello, my name is Caroline and even though I've gone to the Rainbow Bridge, my spirit lives on in Caroline's Kids Pet Rescue.

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