Develop a checklist for validating insurance coverage

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is one of several tools that the Office of the Comptroller General (OCG) has developed to advance stewardship, accountability, and value for money across the Government of Canada.The use of well-prepared, timely cost information contributes to accountability and transparency as well as good decision making and intelligent risk taking.It should be used by financial officers when called upon to perform costing, give costing advice, or attest to the accuracy and relevance of cost information; for example, in Treasury Board and Cabinet submissions.For a limited time, Spear will allow you to cancel your subscription to the Spear Online service for any reason, and to obtain a full refund of all amounts you have paid for that service (through a credit to the credit card you used), as long as you notify Spear of your cancellation no later than midnight, Mountain Standard Time, on the thirtieth (30th) day following the date of your original payment for that service.Do you regularly handle protected health information (PHI)?If so, you might need to be HIPAA compliant—especially now that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act rule covers both Covered Entities and their Business Associates.THE HIPAA COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST PRIVACY RULE The Privacy Rule sets national standards for who is allowed to have access to PHI, whether it’s found in electronic, paper, or oral form.In other words, it spells out guidelines for Covered Entities to consider as they share PHI with Business Associates.

This is how we can get away with browsing Facebook while on conference calls, or reading the newspaper while eating breakfast.

This publication was prepared by the OCIP Task Force of the AGC of America.

I ran across an article about the impact on multi-tasking and memory.

It is more important than ever that agents and brokers provide value-added services and proper documentation to their clients to ensure their insurance programs are well structured.

Development and use of standards, such as insurance checklists, is one way to achieve these goals.

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