Yakuza 4 hostess dating guide

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This is the cue to go play Akiyama's unique minigame Hostess Maker, which involves training hostesses at Club Elise.The goal is to get each girl to the #1 spot, much as with Lily in Chapter 1.Characters can learn more topics by listening to gossip in town.If she likes you, you can bring her out on an actual date.

CHIHIRO IKKI20-years-old, Aries, blood type B, current college student. HIMEKA KAWASAKI24-years-old, Leo, blood type O, originates from Kansai. She loves the night life and has many episodes to tell, but she's recently calmed down. SHIZUKA SAITO29-years-old, Sagittarius, blood type O. She's a Japanese beauty who looks good with black hair. It seems that she started working as a hostess due to certain circumstances.

When her Heart meter's high enough, she will eventually call you to ask you out on a date.

The easiest girl to get to this point seems to be Maya, as Kiryu can accumulate hearts with her without even really trying.

Asagao Special Torso Wrap Have a saved game file from Yakuza 3 to unlock the Asagao Special Torso Wrap.

Bell Of Gion Have a saved game file from Ryuu Ga Gotoku Kenzan! Premium Adventure Successfully complete the game to unlock the Premium Adventure.

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