Tristan wilds dating history

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He portrayed Michael Lee, a smart but troubled middle school student who lives in poverty and cares for his younger brother.

Soon after his run on The Wire, he attended an acting workshop at the Roundabout Theatre Company where he worked alongside actress, Phylicia Rashad in productions of Stockholm Brooklyn and Wool at the Cherry Lane Theatre.

The "90210" star was an unexpected guest at a party Ri Ri held over the weekend at her L. home, where she was saying goodbye to pals before taking off for a set of London gigs.

But when Hip Hollywood caught up with Wilds he explained that the two shared a “deep friendship” and nothing more.

“Somebody sent me a picture and it was me and Tinashe and they said, ‘Looks like Future is with Tinashe,’ and I’m like what? Ty says he currently single, but during his chat did give ladies an idea of what he looks for in a woman.

“Beauty, great personality, a lot of laughter, no arguing, no jealousy, no checking my Instagram and telling me who I liked and being mad at who I liked … all that bullsh*t.” And as for how you can reach him, “You can DM me …

He’s not so little anymore…I used to feel a little weird about it, but once I check the Wikipedia pages of these individuals and realize that they’re over 18, all feelings and rules go out the window.

And I know it’s the same for you, because I’ve often heard you all swoon about the following young men, who have grown up to be quite good looking over the years.

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