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The official confirmation of bringing into use is the publication in PART I-S and PART II-S of the BR IFIC.

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These are the concepts of instant, interval, duration, period, chronology and timezones.To calculate required currency denominations, given a specific amount, you can build a currency calculation table as shown in the example.This solution uses the INT and SUMPRODUCT functions. If you need to round a number to a given (variable) number of specified digits or figures, you can do so with an elegant formula that uses the ROUND and LOG10 functions. To calculate and display the days, hours, and minutes between two dates, you can use the TEXT function with a little help from the INT function.If you need to calculate a person's age from their birth date, you can do so with the YEARFRAC, INT, and TODAY functions.In the generic version of the formula above, birthdate is the person's birthday with year, and...

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