Dj sbu still dating terry pheto

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When the noise happens, you also don’t know what other people are saying to your significant other.”"Whether it's relatives, whether it's friends, whether whatever it might be.But a lot of the stuff that gets written about in the media might cast doubt in the relationship like 'is this guy really going to succeed? Ntando Duma Love the dress but she needed emerald earrings to go with this. Somizi He knows what works for him and sticking to it.

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“He’s a good person, he’s a friend and I have so much respect for him, and we’re good.

Major League DJs I love the fact that they thought through their outfit. Ricky Rick All I want to know is what is the bag for? DJ Sbu This is not the most exciting choice of outfit.

Dineo Moeketsi and her partner Solo I love that they went for white. Dineo looks beautiful, it almost has too much ruffles but so gorge!

We own two businesses together and our businesses were doing well.

But because of the noise, I think, that one was going through at the time, and my fiancée, ex-fiancée, was a very private person.

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