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I think we've all ~imagined~ our own choreography to Bonnie Tyler, but Mandy Moore came up with something more dramatic than we could have ever conceived. It's no wonder guest judge Lady Gaga ended in tears. Katee played the crazy girlfriend so well and overall it was just an amazing thing to watch. In this very moving, personal piece, Travis Wall choreographs a routine about his mother’s surgery and the journey to help her through it. The fact that one tiny necklace can have such an effect on your feelings is unreal.

Even though the whole dance itself is beautiful, the ending walk is the big selling point. In Travis Wall's first SYTYCD choreography gig (!!!!

Nigel says it was "mesmerizing" and calls it a privilege to have seen.Our first contestant is Audrey Case, from Oklahoma.Nigel mentions some of the things she said on her bio sheet for the producers, including that she can "fart with her neck and lick her elbow" and that she doesn't have a boyfriend.Here we have t Witch really reiterating that he's not just a hip hop dancer, but a dancer. Although all the props and accessories were a little cheesy and literal, the chemistry and emotion between the two was nothing by honest. When the audience is silent, you know it's a good routine.This is one of the rare instances we get sex-same partnerships on the show, and it really proves there should be more. Choreographed by Stacey Tookey, the story is about an on-and-off relationship and the couple's resistance to letting go. This dance is a tribute to choreographer Sonya Tayeh's friend who died.

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