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This is a term from cricket, in use by the middle of the 19th century, describing someone who can be relied on to hold a catch.At an unknown date it was transferred to politics and in recent years has spread to more general use, to mean someone who can be relied on not to make serious errors of judgement.The expression comes from the Bible, where Jesus describes his disciples as 'the salt of the earth [i.e. He meant something different, however: salt has preserving and purifying qualities (newborn babies in the east were rubbed with salt to promote health) and so the disciples were being described as the agent by which mortal souls were to be purified and preserved.The modern meaning, though related, is untheological. Click for more info Winchester model 12 deluxe trap grade 12ga. This gun has a 26" solid rib barrel with the rare WS-2 choke. Click for more info Winchester, model 42, .410, 28" skeet barrel, made in 1941, 3", beautiful original burl wood has some crazing in finish, original Win butt plate, triple diamond pattern on bottom of forearm, ... 2 3/4 inch has 28 1/2 inch proof steel barrel with Cutts Compensator and full choke tube, factory vent rib, and original choke marking of WS-1. Metal has a bit of bluing loss and some scrapes but is in good con ... Built in 1955,this gun has a 28" modified barrel and the small flat bottom forend. Built in 1958,this gun has a 28" barrel choked modified. It would appear that someone at some time tried to cold blue the metal - now it is a ... Shotgun is in good condition, wood has some minor scrapes no serious damage. Click for more info Winchester pre 64 model 12 filed grade 16ga. The WS-2 choke falls between improved cylinder and modified. Click for more info A fine original Winchester Model 42 Skeet grade shotgun, 26 inch 3 inch chamber barrel, english straight stock in the Pre-War 45xxx serial range dating it to 1941. Click for more info This a nice old Model 97 circa 1953 with a 30 inch full choke barrel that has an excellent bore and chamber. Click for more info Winchester Model 12 in 16GA, 28" barrel mod choked.

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2 3/4 inch has 28 inch proof steel barrel with Simmons round post vent rib, Cutts Compensator with modified tube, and factory choke marking of WS-1.

Click for more info Winchester Model 1897 12ga solid frame, 20" plain barrel, with a factory fixed cyl choke. Click for more info WINCHESTER MODEL 1897 12GA MFG DATE 1906 BARREL LENGTH 26" CHOKE FULL ((NOT CUT)))) BARREL BLUE 85% RECEIVER SILVER, BORE EXCELLENT.

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