Apple tv locks up while updating

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It's been almost two years since the first release of i OS 8, and Apple launches a Big Update annually – i OS 9 last year and the upcoming i OS 10 release. Notes: Before deleting them, you'd better transfer apps & games with process and data first. Delete Junk/Temporary Files, Log Files, Cache and Cookies Still haven't enough free storage after deleting photos, videos, apps, or games? You may ask, is there any other solution to the i OS 8 upgrade storage issues/problems?Just like you thought, every new i OS update brings new issues, and there will be no exception with the latest i OS 10. There's a ton of junk files that mostly are not needed but is still using up a lot of space on your devices, and they can't be cleared manually.hi all, i just updated itunes to 12.6.0 after ignoring it for a fair while. i can't click anything or even minimise it and have to end the process.

Make sure the battery of your i Phone or i Pad is enough or sufficiently charged, because the i OS 10 updating is very battery-consuming and do yourself a favor - don't upgrade your i Phone to i OS 10 by using cellular data, because after that you will be regret and don't ask me how do I know that. Get Your Apple ID & Password Ready before Installing i OS 10 Apple makes users to automatically login to Apple account, so you are probably not familiar with your Apple ID and password any more.Now check these common i OS 8 problems and solutions and fix them by following this i Mobie Guide. Don't Have Enough Free Space to Upgrade i OS 8 Q 2. Related Reading: How to Install i OS 8 on i Tunes Many users complained that the update gets stuck when downloading and installing the i OS 8, and fail to upgrade.Get Stuck during i OS 8.2 Download and Installation Q 3. This is a common i OS 8 issue, with the following tips, both of basic users and advanced users can solve this problem easily. Usually, the i OS 8 update process takes a while to complete.You can revert back to the version that has ever worked on your computer and update to the newest when Apple fixes the existing bugs.Let us see first how to download and install old version of i Tunes on your computer. Download old versions of i Tunes 1) From you can download i Tunes 4.1 to i Tunes 11.4 for installation on your computer.

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