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The magazine insists that it is possible to be brainy and beautiful, serious and playful, at the same time.

“It might just be crazy enough to work,” mused Dave Hill, the comedian and author who’s now embarking on his second venture in “alt” romantic encounters.

Back when it started in 2009, NY Mag wrote that the event brought in “60 of the most awkward people in New York,” before the bar had to start turning people away, including one girl with a Smiths tattoo.

It’s Speed Metal Dating, happening this weekend at Saint Vitus!

It’s likely that you know Hill from his Monday night WFMU show ).

Oh, and, “Darkthrone is gonna play at the end,” Dave said. the city’s metal-ist metal bar, where Hill (also a metal fan) will preside over the rotations.

Match-ups could bring bestial black metal fans together with doom metal devotees and make for gore grind and stoner metal smashups.

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