Speed dating scam Cam4 free men videos

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If you suspect a member of being a scammer, use the "Scammer" button in the chat window, member's profile or inbox to report them.

We also don't recommend you to provide your personal details (like email address or phone number) to those members you only just started to talk to.

Ive been single for 6 months or so now and the only other time i tried online dating was when I signed up to We Just Fit.com, which I really liked and met some super people with.

I became a member of Speed Date after seeing their ads about a zillion times on US TV and finally giving in & joining!

After a lengthy wait I got the same short reply "choose another event".

I tried asking the same question couple more times and eventually I was told I was being rude and that I was banned and that the police would be called.

Not really sure how long ot takes to actaully meet someone.

I'd rate it a little above average but it did not really convince me.

The terms and conditions stated that I had 14 days to change my mind.

(Requested gender must match your uploaded photos).

Well, since my uploaded photos just disappear, I am in a conundrum.

What is a scammer and how do I protect myself from them?

A scammer is a fraudulent profile using the website for commercial purposes.

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