Dating antique furniture locks

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Although this may seem like a lot, all you need is an overview of the main characteristics and features of the period or style.

There are many excellent antique furniture identification and price guides that provide valuable information on furniture periods, styles and eras.

Smith , both locks marked Smith , VG bores, metal has a nice even brown finish, adjus ... It has excellent case colors and only a few minor ... Click for more info This is a first year production serial number 761, 12 gauge double barrel percussion shotgun with 30 inch barrels. Click for more info A huge gun of approximately 5 bore. Click for more info Early 1800s Double Barrel Damascus Hammer Shotgun 12 bore 33" damascus double barrel Belgium Liege proofed barrels Concave rib Sidelock Has cheek piece Fancy trigger guard with ho ... The barrels have J Springer in Wien engraved in a decorative banner on the rib. Click for more info Serial #1411, 16 Bore (2 5/8”), 30 11/16” barrels with good-very good bores that have some shallow dents and minor spots of dark freckling along their lengths. Click for more info This English double barrel 8 gauge fowler was originally a flintlock and it was converted to percussion. Click for more info An uncommon trade gun with a barrel from an East Indian Company Musket.

Stock in really nice condition with orig steel buttplate and silver initial oval inlay. Click for more info This is a Belgium made 10 Gauge Sx S. It has “Fine Twist” on the rib and 32in Damascus barrels. Click for more info Hudson's Bay Company The Imperial No.3 Imperial. Progresssive farmer, then later both schoolteacher and co-foun ... Click for more info This original 11 gauge double muzzleloading shotgun has tapered round 28" Damascus barrels. Adams and the 36 inch wire damascus barrels are Birmingham ...

My collection is based on more of the primitive or common hardware since I'm located in a rural area.

When purchasing a lock if the lock is described as reversible and you need the hand of the lock changed, please let me know in a phone call or e-mail as I will be happy to do so.

I have been collecting hardware for many years and have a vast number of the items at my shop that are not listed on the website so if you are within driving distance or just want to take a trip for some great antique shopping this is the area for you. My inventory changes from week to week so click on the "New Arrivals" category to see my latest finds.

Just call 717-336-3471 or e-mail me at [email protected] I can be of service.

It is also a subject that can seem overwhelming and confusing to someone with a new interest in antique furniture.Many of these books specialize in a specific era, such as Victorian furniture.Some focus on a specific type of antique, such as antique chairs, while others provide a general overview of furniture from various periods or styles. The P grade European walnut stock with a checkered wrist is in good condition. Click for more info It has a very interesting conversion to breech loading shotgun in 20 GA. HAPGOOD NEW ENGLAND PERCUSSION FOWLER, 10 ga., 42” bbl. KNICKERBOCKER 12 GA 32" F/F, 98% BARRELS WITH SOME LIGHT FRECKLING, 98 % CASE COLORS, EXC. BORES, THIS GUN APPEARS TO HAVE SEEN LITTLE OR NO ... Click for more info This original 20 gauge double muzzleloading Howdah pistol has tapered round 7" smoothbore barrels.

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