Ireland active castle accomidating tours

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On this luxury Irish Castles tour, you are invited to live like royalty.

You won't simply be visiting the stunning heritage sites of the Emerald Isle.

Translations of the Dalkey Castle /Fortified Town house information leaflet are available in Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish and Japanese.

Drop-in tours run half hourly from 10.00 on weekdays and 11.00 at weekends. If you are feeling energetic, you can climb to the battlements and take in magnificent views of sea and mountains.

Many of these castle hotels and manors are family-owned, just like ourselves, and we have a long standing relationship with them all.

We know and trust the accommodation providers we use for our tours of Ireland, and we choose them carefully based not only on their star rating, but also on their location, service, value and character.

Their gloriously unique and uniquely glorious histories have so much to recommend them, it’s impossible to choose just one. (Day 1): Dublin – Arrival in Dublin (Day 2): Dublin – A Day Around Ireland’s Capital City (Day 3): Counties Wicklow and Cork – A Two-Day Tour of the Irish Countryside (Day 4): County Kerry – West to Dingle, East to London (Day 5): London – A Tour of London, the Center of an Empire (Day 6): London – Because One Day in London Just Isn’t Enough (Day 7): London’s Environs – The Highlights of South England (Day 8): London – Back for More of Swinging London (Day 9): London – Returning Home Separated by the Irish Sea and a gulf of culture, London and Dublin are two cities that share much in common, but are each proudly and prominently one-of-a-kind.

If you are looking to book a private small-group tour, a family holiday, or tour Ireland as an individual traveller with us, on a fully-escorted vacation you will explore away from the coach tours and discover the hidden secrets of Ireland's landscape, history, heritage and culture.And the beauty of a is that it is a tailor-made tour to suit your interests.You can hike when you feel like it or bike when the weather is right and the road is flat. Stroll the streets of Dublin and revel in her fun-loving atmosphere as you encounter a panoply of Irish treasures, from the home of Guinness to the incomparable Book of Kells.Head west and lose yourself in the acmes of the Irish countryside like the mesmerizing Dingle Peninsula and the overwhelming Ring of Kerry.

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