Dating a real estate agent

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Unfortunately, there is not much one can do to better the chances of finding love than meeting as many people as possible.

Sure, you can have your friends try to set you up on blind dates, try speed dating, or create profiles on several of the most popular online-dating sites, but the easiest way to connect with someone is to meet them casually and in person.

The CEO of City Connections, David Schlamm, met his wife back in 1990 when she called his office looking for an apartment.

Schlamm writes:“Being a real estate agent is a great way to meet your significant other. I tell the brokers here never to mix business and pleasure.

“Weekend” is not in your vocabulary While other couples spend their Sundays lazily on the sofa, if you’re in a relationship with a real estate agent, their weekend plans are likely to revolve around open houses and client meetings.

You may not appreciate being woken by their am alarm on your day off, but at least you won’t have to share the remote. Free time is home improvement time When they do get time off, there’s nothing a real estate agent likes to do more than add value to their own property.

‘Turning a backwards system on its head’ Home buyers today flock to listing websites to begin searching for properties, rather than seeking out brokers.

Most of us work for a living and having a job eats up about 8 hours of day that could otherwise be spent mingling with our desired sex. While many companies have strict no dating policies, there is one career path that has an advantage when it comes to finding love.

But apparently real estate agents have it the easiest.

Because most real estate agents jobs are contract positions, most firms have no strict rules against dating clients or co-workers, according to The Real Deal.

The site’s backers say they’ve raised 0,000 from investors.

Brokur, which launched last week, has staked its future on a bold idea: That it can change the way people search for homes by guiding them to connect with brokers first, and listings second.

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