Country song about a daughter dating

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It doesn't matter that the son can't keep his own car running - he made a lot of good memories looking over his dad's shoulder.Song Lyric: "He'll never how much he taught me / Out in that garage / And I guess the stuff that stuck / Was more about life than fixing cars"Listen This one goes out to all the clingy dads.Here are the best songs overprotective fathers packing heat. Atkins tries to take his crush out and ends up getting read a toned-down riot act by her father.The vivid and horrifying memory carries over once he has a daughter himself. Enter now for a chance to win ,000 in cash plus a three-night stay at the Historic Gatlinburg Inn in Gatlinburg, TN and a year-long attractions pass for four provided by Gatlinburg.

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The poignant "Remembering," which she co-wrote, will be released on Dot Records, the revitalized imprint that's part of the Big Machine Label Group.“Drive (For Daddy Gene),” Alan Jackson (2002) – If your dad spent a lot of time under the hood of the car in the driveway, then Alan likely hit the nail on the head for you.There are plenty of car and boat parts in the song, but they’re just a vehicle to show how Dad steered you right.Song Lyric: "Your beautiful baby from the outside in / Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again"Watch music video Driving provides the metaphor for leading the right kind of life.In this Ricky Van Shelton number, words of wisdom are passed between father, son, and grandson like rules of the road.

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