Dhcp not updating dns server 2016 r2

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Configure DHCP Reservation in Windows 2016In this post, we have explained how to configure DHCP server in Windows Server 2016.

In the next post, we explain how to configure DHCP client to obtain an IP address and other TCP/IP settings from the DHCP server.

In a large enterprise network, it is difficult to manage IP addresses manually.

Hence, DHCP can be a useful feature to manage the IP addresses in a large enterprise network.

The following reasons or events can trigger a dynamic update: When one of these events triggers a dynamic update, the DNS Client service (not the DHCP Client service) sends updates.

For some reason DHCP leases are not registered in either DNS server.

Even when registering DNS on the client, nothing is added on the DNS servers.

Also ensure that reverse lookups are in place, and that permissions are correct on these too.

Next job is to run DNSCMD /info in a command prompt.

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