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Even if the reproductive organs weren't working (which I think would be the case in a true intersex baby, because otherwise it'd more or less be just a genital deformation requiring corrective surgery, right?), you'd at least get to choose the "cosmetic" procedure to give your child a vagina or penis.

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The suggested solution put forth by ISNA was to restructure the system of intersex taxonomy and nomenclature to not include the words ‘hermaphrodite’, ‘hermaphroditism’, ‘sex reversal’, or other similar terms.The editors of this collection are particularly appreciative of the intelligence and professionalism of all of the contributors, whose work delights and challenges us.We are grateful for the conversations that these essays grew out of and continue to encourage. On the last page, with his anomalous body arrayed in grave-clothes and laid in a coffin, Laurence, the hermaphrodite, speaks to us.Philosophies of Sex: Critical Essays on The Hermaphrodite is the first collection of critical studies of Julia Ward Howe’s long-secret novel that, since its initial publication in 2004, has caused a seismic shift in how we understand gender awareness and sexuality in antebellum America.Howe figures in the history of the nineteenth-century American literature primarily as a poet, most famous for having written the lyrics to “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Renée Bergland and Gary Williams have assembled a luminous array of essays by eminent scholars of the nineteenth-century American literature, providing fascinating—and widely differing—contexts in which to understand Howe’s venture into territory altogether foreign to American writers in her day.

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