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Throughput is requests per minute through the application.

Error rates measures the percentage of errors over a set time period for your application.

Transforming illiquid assets into assets than can be readily sold on a market thereby increases liquidity.

For example, a bank can use securitization to convert a portfolio of mortgages (which individually are illiquid assets) into cash (a very liquid asset).

To manually create an invoice on Service Channel, log on to corp.Look up the work order by using the Track WO/PO option from the main menu Once you find the right work order, click Create Invoice.

Liquidity describes the degree in which an asset can be readily sold without affecting its price; a large, well-established market with high trading volume is considered to be a liquid market.

You can also attach your work ticket or invoice form by clicking on the Attach Your Document option.

American Registry For Internet Numbers (Virginia, Chantilly) is the location of the Apache server. dns-nb01.aliant.net, dns-nb00.aliant.net, and dns-ns00.are its DNS Nameservers.

Histograms and Percentiles are valuable statistical tools that show you the distribution of response times for all of your transactions.

Whether you're looking for deeper visibility into your app or browser side performance issues, or just want to identify transaction outliers, histograms and percentiles will provide you the kind of actionable data you need to quickly pinpoint and troubleshoot problems.

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