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Black Berry 10 devices (Black Berry 10 OS version 10.3.3 and later) support NIAP Common Criteria functionality. Black Berry® and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Black Berry Limited and are registered and/or used in the US and countries around the world.When the "Enable NIAP Common Criteria functionality" IT policy rule is selected, regulated Black Berry Balance and workspace-only devices negotiate all Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections according to the Suite B Profile requirements defined in RFC 6460 including encryption, digital signature and key exchange. Why was I so jazzed about the Blackberry device software v4.5?Here's a short list: User Interface Refreshed Look – Enjoy messages, address book entries and a calendar that make better use of colors and fonts.(You can check the availability of your Blackberry on this liek here: https:// I had learned that you could use the version of the software available from Rogers Wireless and the upgrade would still work great even on the AT&T / Cingular network.There were some rumors that there might be problems with Blackberry Enterprise Servers (BES) like the one my device ran on, so I held out.They’re also laid out to more closely match the programs you use on your computer.Email Improved Email Layout (Rich HTML Email) – View tables, images and fonts with formatting that looks better than ever.

In fact, I had loathed this 4.0 operating system on my Blackberry -- frequent locks, problems with the GPS, no HTML email, the list went on and on.With the official release of Black Berry OS v4.5 on the horizon—various beta, or test, versions of the software are already bouncing around the Web—we thought this would be a great time for a Black Berry OS tutorial.What follows is our step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your Black Berry's OS, or install a different version, as well as how to prepare beforehand to make the process run as smoothly as possible. Volker Volker why this atitude some people still have to learn !! Alain Vassallo Brasil Hi I'm trying to update my 8700 model (under win vista and 4.3 desktop manager) but when i start the application loader i don't see anyware the option for the os update. Hi there, I am currently running Vista business and I am trying to upgrade the 8700g to 4.2. Showing the hour glass for about five seconds, then does the same thing all over again. If you are using a newer version of Black Berry Device Software, Black Berry Messenger is already installed on your smartphone. many thanks alberto somebody wrote: were do i find the vedor thing to delete Try to use the search option under start look for vendor !!! However, after it had completed, the handset simply displays a red light and tries to restart. It don't have a blackberry messenger icon on my phone, I tray to install, and the error message was "This version of Black Berry Messenger is supported only by Black Berry Device Software versions 4.0 and 4.1.

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