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Amanda is a tall, slender musician, whose sweet countenance and nerdy glasses belie the filthy things that come out of her mouth at times.

"I've never felt as strong and alive and human as I've felt when somebody was fucking me with my face pressed up against my bathroom mirror,” she tells me.

If you don’t think penis size is a real concern among males, I suggest you visit the Penis Enlargement Gym, an online community of about 70,000 devoted to helping men enlarge their members through a series of stretches and exercises.

If stretching this sensitive part of the body doesn’t sound appealing, there’s the list of pills, products and procedures to choose from (see your local snake oil salesman).

Myth # 1: There is no such thing as an “ideal” penis size.

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There is no other group of professionals—not scientists, not academic researchers, not journalists—that have more experience viewing and handling a large number and wide variety of penises.” (Notably, she does not mention urologists, arguably the main penis experts, but you get her meaning, which she proceeds to spell out.)She adds, “Prostitutes are probably the only professional group qualified to comment on how penises of differing sizes and shapes feel when they are inside a woman.”Summarized below is Blithe’s account of the three most pervasive myths surrounding penis size.Knox’s essay raises some important points, and one would think that, considering that more and more people of age have grown up with insta-access to a variety of kinky porn, an admission of rough sex wouldn’t be a big to-do. One of Knox’s disparagers commented, “So being choked, spit on, and degraded is now empowering?”Amanda thinks it is: “I do find it empowering, both as a top and a bottom--I think that power is not something that people, especially women, are super accustomed to either feeling purposefully or are encouraged to savor as such.”Kate, a theater director, agrees.Yet still, we are completely obsessed with understanding what the trends are in sensuality. I am still waiting for “Chubby and anxious is the new sexy” The truth is, everyone of those labels is completely right.…Everytime I come across one of these headlines, I subconsciously search for traces of my own personality in the latest trend. Read the restas a recreational activity or a weekend luxury, I see it as a daily necessity.

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