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If you have a fearful and/or aggressive dog, you may be wondering about putting her on medication.But you may also be wondering if it really works, will she have to be on it for life, and whether or not you can actually change your dog to say, enjoy having strangers come into her home.After my Basset Hound, Hunter, turned four years old, I noticed that some of his back teeth had turned black.At his yearly health checkup, my veterinarian performed an oral exam.

Don't bother mailing me, asking when the next litter's due - there's not going to be one. John Bradley May 2006 not "selling puppies over the Internet", a practice I personally find abhorent. Please don't ask me to "mail you puppy" to California or some such, because it's not going to happen. Please mail me your photos - I'll be happy to return them after I've scanned them. Floppyface Litter #5 Milo Jeepers Creepers Main Line April Mae Selby's O'Barney Boy Litter #6 Litter #7 Litter #8 Litter #9 Litter #10 Litter #11 Huge 'All Pics' Page opinions on the subject.Just remember the best thing you can do for your individual dog is to seek professional help (both from a veterinarian and a dog trainer), ask a lot of questions, and make sure they are working together to do what’s best for your dog. Cathy Alinovi, DVM, is a vet at Healthy PAWsibilities where she works with a trainer on tough dog behavior cases.Before prescribing medication, the reason for the anxiety should be explored..While cavities usually are not a problem in dogs, plaque build up is.Plaque develops as food particles and bacteria form along the gum line. If plaque is not removed, it calcifies within a few days and becomes tartar.

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