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Core values Commitment - to the vision and mission of our school Hard work - to duty Sacrifice - for the good of the institution and gifted youth of Alliance in particular and Kenya in general.

Teamwork - towards a common goal called EXCELLENCE Loyalty - to the school and the values it perpetuates Trust in God - for all our needs and for all our success Link: Alliance Girls High School Clad Light is the first wearable technology company in the African region.

Vision To become a leading and most preferred National School in the provision of quality, excellence and holistic education for girls in Kenya.

Mission To provide a conducive environment and to offer quality, excellent and holistic education that motivates students to discover their talents and strive to reach their potential,thereby equipping them to fit well in society and contribute positively to Nation Building.

60 million girls is a public foundation established to support education for girls in order to create a more just and balanced world.

Its objective is to support at least one major education project annually in developing countries with the greatest gender disparity in school enrollment.

Local Collection The Reference Library's Local Collection contains a wide range of books as well as other printed materials, such as reports, newsletters, community magazines and ephemera. Yorkshire/Teesside region, the collection includes histories of: villages, towns & parishes; businesses & societies; prominent buildings.

The library also holds a collection of local maps dating back to the 19th century. Graham in the early 1900s, include pictures of streets, buildings, people and events.

Directories in stock at Redcar Reference Library Local History Directories Directories set out to record the principle inhabitants of a community, those in trade, or those affluent enough to be recognised as the important people in a community, such as gentry, clerics or professionals.

Trade directories were produced by commercial publishers at almost random intervals during the late 18th and 19th Centuries.

Directories were sold primarily to the gentry and leisured classes in the 1700s.

For some years now, our annual report has highlighted the rapid, exciting and frontier-consuming developments that have become the hallmarks of the global telecom world...

hallmarks that speak of almost unimaginable change in communication systems that now encompass an integrated “commedia” world.

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