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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2016) “A link between oxygen, calcium and titanium isotopes in 26Al-poor hibonite-rich CAIs from Murchison and implications for the heterogeneity of dust reservoirs in the solar nebula,” Kööp et al.

New constraints on the relationship between 26Al and oxygen, calcium, and titanium isotopic variation in the early Solar System from a multielement isotopic study of spinel-hibonite inclusions,” Kööp et al.

Peer reviewers are asked to make every reasonable effort to ensure that the following criteria are taken into account when evaluating a manuscript; While the content of a manuscript may justify criticism, even severe criticism, under no circumstances is personal or malicious criticism of the author appropriate or acceptable.

You may be asked to reappraise a manuscript that was referred back to the authors after a first-round review.

Here we provide evidence indicating that the genome of , which resulted in this chromosome evolving as a new female (W) sex chromosome.

This represents a remarkable mechanism underpinning the birth of sex chromosomes.

In animals, sex differences between males and females are generally determined by genetic factors carried by sex chromosomes.

Sex chromosomes are remarkably variable in origin and can differ even between closely related species, indicating that transitions occur frequently and independently in different groups of organisms.

Sex in the City: Breeding behavior of urban peregrine falcons in the Midwestern US,“ Caballero et al. Most Lemur Update (The best kind of update) “Geogenetic patterns in mouse lemurs (genus Microcebus) reveal the ghosts of Madagascar’s forests past,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2016) “Ridiculously cute mouse lemurs hold key to Madagascar’s past,” K. However, institutions of higher education once emphasized civic character and leadership as a core part of instruction.The lackluster results we find among today’s graduates is indeed shocking.” The pattern of civic illiteracy among college graduates comes at a time when most colleges and universities have very lax graduation requirements and few require civics.We conclude that bacteria can be powerful agents of evolutionary transitions in sex determination systems in animals.Sex determination is a fundamental developmental pathway governing male and female differentiation, with profound implications for morphology, reproductive strategies, and behavior.

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