Sex talk pretoria

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Prepare your pre-teen kids for puberty, so they're not caught with their proverbial pants down.

For a large chunk of this year, politicians, religious leaders and the morality police have warned South Africans about the dangers of reckless sex and the blesser phenomenon, but none of them could have imagined it would lead to death.

Errol spoke to Dr Robert about the skin conditions.Beyond talking the talk, you can take action to limit your young child's exposure to inappropriate sexual messages.Take these steps for starters: Also read: Forget stranger danger: teach your kids about tricky people instead Though schools often include sex education in the curricula – they might impart some information about Aids and pregnancy, for example – parents, too, should be involved with educating their children about these issues of physical health, and about the moral aspects of sexual behaviour.Anyone who has experienced relationship or sexual difficulties for a long period of time would benefit from seeking professional counselling.Many parents feel anxious and uncertain about educating their children about sex. The goal is to inform and protect your children while making them feel good — not ashamed — of their bodies.

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