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TOKYO, JAPAN: Japanese children participate in a Pokemon (Pocket Monster) card game tournament, which attracted some 35,000 people in a week-long event, in Tokyo 04 August 1999.Some 1.4 billion Pokemon cards have been sold across the world after Pokemon emerged in 1996 as Nintendo Gameboy software in Japan and soon became very popular among children.A source close to Tiffany told The Daily Star that the former “I Love New York” star is handling the miscarriage well, though it was extremely hard for her at first.“She was understandably heartbroken when it happened,” the insider revealed.“It was a really tough time for her but she is a strong woman and she faced it with amazing courage.” Tif’s friend also said she planned on talking about the ordeal while on CBB in an effort to inspire other women who’ve also suffered miscarriages.The Sun also reports that close friends of Tiffany are concerned that her CBB”cast mate Kristina Rihanoff’s announcement to the house that she is expecting a child with her boyfriend Ben Cohen could possibly remind her of what she went through and make it hard for her to cope on the show.“Tiffany was hoping her time in the house would take her mind off what has happened.But Kristina’s announcement is likely to bring back memories of one of the toughest things she’s ever had to deal with,” one source said.

Tiffany, who also previously revealed that she had "cheated on 80 per cent of her boyfriends", doesn't appear to have annoyed her man by her flirty antics. When Tiffany's Twitter account said that she was single, he replied: "OH IS THAT RIGHT…

The entertainer took to his Twitter page to say he was supporting the busty Flavor of Love star, who is currently the bookies favourite to win the series, before telling people to vote for her. o N LA Ja Ck So N (@aktionlajackson) January 26, 2016"Does it look like I'm worried about a kiss or 2 or 3 or 8 or 20 or 99 or VOTE for @Tiffany Pollard

Does it look like I'm worried about a kiss or 2 or 3 or 8 or 20 or 99 or VOTE for @Tiffany Pollard..

Tiffany (AKA New York) made it clear back in the day ... But we're told that's all changing on her new untitled show that began taping in L. she's breaking away from "Flavor of Love" style dating shows and getting real personal with her mom, Sister Patterson.

The US reality TV star, who has been all over the Geordie Shore regular over the past few days, is reportedly dating rapper Aktion LA Jackson. I’m definitely single."A spokesperson for the star also told uk that she was "100 per cent single".

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