Dating hes giving me time

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There’s a huge difference between giving a guy six weeks to choose you over the other women he’s dating

You win this one by assessing his efforts and concluding that you’re wasting your time.

However, you, my dear, have come to right place because I happen to be an expert in interpreting confusing men. So many women hear these words and don’t give them the respect they deserve. Let me take it play-by-play: In the beginning, he felt safe being friends with you after setting his boundary so he befriended you on Facebook. As you picked up the friendship, he enjoyed hanging out with you and he felt the intimacy and connection between you grow. He likes and respects you too much to “hit it and quit it.” I know this because most guys who admire, enjoy, and are sexually attracted to a woman who not only likes them back but cuddles with them during a movie, well, most guys would tap that. If you are okay having this friendship with him (albeit an intimate, touchy feely one), without any expectation of a relationship, then you need to let him know. He won’t have to keep you at arms length to keep the boundary clear.

I know a few a things about this guy and I promise I’ll fill you in. No, it’s not my psychic abilities that give me this knowing. Instead, they file them away under,#muahaha#masterplan. But if that’s the last you heard on the subject, THAT’s what you need to assume until he says otherwise. He enjoys your company, he likes you, and he’s attracted to you. It will put his mind at ease and he will know that he can play, cuddle, laugh and hang out with you casually without fearing that he is leading you on or that he will have to hurt and reject you. I have no expectations of you or this friendship beyond good times and laughter. You’re a friend I look forward to getting to know better and it would make me really happy if you could swing by.”See? He can feel free to come to your birthday party, cuddle and hang with you without feeling pressured for some sort of commitment to you.

Dear Lauren, I’ve sort of been seeing this guy for 3 months.

Right at the beginning we felt a connection but he told me he was not ready for a relationship.

In some relationships, I found myself compromising some of my values to be more in line with that guy’s.

In other relationships, I began to think that some of the things I had wanted in a husband were perhaps more wishful thinking than things that could actually be.

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Just like meeting rather than being picked up on the first date, it’s really no big deal.Ever had these thoughts about someone you are dating? Too many of my friends are finding themselves there now too.I can’t say that I’m an expert on relationships, but if there is one thing that I feel like God taught me during my dating years (and it took about three years too many for me to learn this) it is that you should never settle for less than God’s best. If you think something is reasonable, but nobody else on the planet agrees with you, you’re going to be more effective by finding a compromise point closer to the majority position. Men who don’t pick up the full check on Date 1 are not “wrong”, but they are ineffective. In the Venn Diagram of Online Dating (copyright, Evan Marc Katz), men’s circle is Speed. He wants to meet you right NOW and see you naked ASAP. You know as well as I do that women don’t want to be bullied into going on blind dates: “Dear Dan, thank you for your initial inquiry. Besides, your profile doesn’t say very much about you, so maybe if you tell me more about yourself, if we click, then, maybe in a few weeks, I’ll give you my phone number and we can go from there.” This is the entire reason that I came up with a strategy that works for both men AND women. This Venn diagram theory goes for pretty much everything in life. And by ineffective, I mean that by not being able to understand (much less cater to) the opposite sex’s point of view, you’re pretty much eliminating your options.

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