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The vcf file has some ten or twenty number entries at the of the list where names are missing, but these are marked as sync-ed with Text Secure, the numbers appear later in the list on contacts where names are attached, but these second entries (number name) do not have an information that they are synced with Text Secure (which is in my view the underlying problem of the present issue). (*) Since one of the recent TS versions, the app started to create its own "Contact Account" where TS stores its contacts. Dublicate contacts in different accounts can be merged to one account. The advantage is: if you open a merged contact in your address book, you can directly use features provided by the "source apps".

So what I think is that Text Secure has a problem when a number is listed at the begin of contacts list without a name, but when later the same number appears in the list with the contact name. In this case, the phone can't merge the "TS contact" and the "SIM card contact" (*). Please read the manual of your phone if you don't know how to perform the single steps. In this case, TS adds an option to the contact details which allows you to send a TS message directly to the contact.

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I didn't make an issue before because it isn't my device and I could not debug at will but here's a log: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a15638f5c6f318aaaee4 In short all contacts are shown only as phone numbers all the time everywhere. After importing them to the phone, the names of the TS contacts were shown correct.

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