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Even though the progress bar may get stuck on 1 minute remaining, 5 minutes remaining, 15 minutes remaining, or any other number, it may stay at that remaining number for as the installation actually completes.

In other words, sometimes the installation progress bar and time remaining indicator are wildly inaccurate when installing OS X Yosemite, but fortunately just being patient almost always resolves it.

The Ruby source is available from a worldwide set of Mirror Sites.

OS X El Capitan brings a smarter, smoother, more sophisticated experience to the Mac. Just as the granite monolith is part of the national park yet every bit a landmark in its own right, so is Apple's latest operating system for the Mac.

If you haven’t installed OS X Yosemite yet and are planning on doing so soon, this could be worthwhile advice to note in the odd event you happen to encounter either of the aforementioned issues during the update.If you go that route, do not forget to backup beforehand.Though the average user is better off going the easy routes of updating i OS with i Tunes or OTA, IPSW can have very practical uses as well.A notable number of Mac users who have gone to update their machines to OS X Yosemite have discovered something which may seem alarming; the progress bar seems to halt during the installation at just minutes remaining, and in some cases, it can sit unmoving with no apparent progress for well over an hour or two.The solution to this is incredibly simple; wait it out.

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