Dating a cancer

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That shell is his protection from people and the elements of nature that might seek to hurt his sensitive inner being.He doesn’t trust easily, but if he sees something in you that mirrors a part of him, he will let you get closer.The Cancer man will never come on too strong and neither should you.He’ll distance himself from someone who is abrupt or too intense.Though it’s pretty easy to make friends with him, winning his affections can be challenging.He doesn’t just fall for anyone no matter how charming or persuasive.

You're both empathetic to the point of being psychic - not literally, however you'll rarely have to ask how the other feels at any given time, and this is an ability you greatly appreciate in a partner.So you better be prepared to love our family too or you won't stand a chance.If my closest pals or family had serious reservations about someone I'm seeing, it'd be hard for us to bounce back from that.The Cancer man is a water sign and he has feelings that run as deep as the ocean.He’s sensitive, intuitive and he’s got a heart of gold that’s filled with empathy for others, especially those in need.

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