A city dating back to 7500 bc

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As a result, "the destruction of the Indus cities by invading tribes of Aryans, says the U. archaeologist Not a single finding in the Indus-Saraswati region can be associated with the ingress of an Aryan people (or any other people, for that matter) - neither pottery nor utensils nor tools nor weapons nor graves nor any form of art. "We can safely say from the antiquities and the acoustic images of the geometric structures that there was human activity in the region more than 9,500 years ago (7500 BC),""It is believed that the bigger stadium was used for a variety of purposes, maybe for makeshift bazaars."There is no archaeological or biological evidence for invasions or mass migrations into the Indus valley between the end of the Harappan phase, about 1900 B. and the beginning of the Early Historic period around 600 B. ": "The supporters of the Aryan-invasion theory have not been able to cite even a single example where is evidence of 'invaders.' represented either by weapons of warfare or even of cultural remains left by them." Similar assertions could be quoted from other noted archaeologists such as (alphabetically) Madhav Acharya, R. This would be similar to exhibition grounds coming up these days," said former joint director general of Archeological Survey of India, Dr R S Bisht who was delivering a special lecture on "Dholavira revisited' at Panjab University on Wednesday.Clay brick has been used effectively for retaining walls, interior walls and even as an entry piece with brick sculptures.

Despite being one of the oldest construction materials in existence, the use of brick is still prevalent. evidence of the truths of Vedic culture is continually being uncovered. So this is a new project in which we will list some of the most noteworthy archeological finds that tend to confirm the Vedic descriptions of world history. Ancient City Found Off the Coast of Mamallapuram, 7. It would be the Romans who would spread this technology to the rest of the world through the use of mobile kilns.Many of Europe's oldest structures are made out of Brick including the Roman aqueducts.

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