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I'm really having the time of my life right now." That's not surprising.

Nick discovers he's a "Grimm," and that Portland is full of Mausehertz, Lausenschlange, Fuchsbau, Eisbiber and other beings who look normal to everyone except Nick and other creatures.

"She feels a little shy about it and is a little overwhelmed with how amazing Monroe is and how romantic he is." Rosalee, who is a Fuchsbau or fox-like creature, has been an important addition to Nick's (David Giuntoli) crime-fighting team, providing Wesen drug knowledge, supplies and remedies from her apothecary shop.

Despite her seemingly mild-mannered nature, Rosalee will reveal another aspect of her personality on the date. "It's going to be a big surprise to the fans how Rosalee likes to get down." Beyond just navigating interspecies-Wesen dating — Monroe is a Blutbad or Big Bad Wolf — the budding couple will also have to contend with their respective personal issues.

After being unceremoniously shot by Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) at the end of Season 4, viewers learned that Juliette wasn't actually dead but instead being reconditioned by the kind folks at Hadrian's Wall.

So what role does she have to play in the show now?

Now he’s living with Adalind (Claire Coffee) and their baby son, Kelly. Some fans are not convinced that Tulloch would not be coming back to “Grimm.” But show bosses David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf have not offered anything to hold on to. Still, Tulloch was with the cast and crew when they celebrated the filming of the show’s 100th episode a couple of weeks ago.

UPDATED: ‘Grimm’ Season 5, Episode 21 Spoilers: Eve avoids Juliette, Hank dies in fan speculations How do Giuntoli and Tulloch keep the romance alive now that they are seeing less of each other?

"Because of her past, it's kind of scary for Rosalee to really open herself up and possibly have her heart broken again," Turner says. Clearly there was something very broken about that relationship. We both have had these relationships that have really destroyed us, and here we are trying to do things differently with someone else." Unfortunately, when you're friends with a cop who is also a Grimm, events sometimes interfere with romance.

"The date is definitely not going to go down the way they think it is," Turner says. Fans are going to be hit by a Mack Truck of unexpected revelations in this episode.

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