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Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, she likes what she sees.

She is wearing a very sexy two-piece that makes her look like an American country girl. Anna gives herself a spritz by the sink, then sits on the toilet seat to give herself some hand-relief.

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For a moment, you wonder if there’s a spark, but know that it’s going to take all of the courage inside your TARDIS-corseted chest to say hello.

If there’s one thing this geek girl has never been good with it’s the subtle and confusing art of dating.

Glitch said his speed dating service has resulted in 167 marriages, 47 or 48 current engagements and 25 babies so far.

| The Times-Picayune reporters Aaron Fisher and Doug Mac Cash attended a Sci-Fi Speed Dating session at Wizard World Comic Con New Orleans on Jan.

For seven years now, upstate New Yorker Ryan Glitch has expedited the courting process among eligible comic book convention bachelors and bachelorettes with a service titled Sci-Fi Speed Dating.Thankfully, there’s Sci-Fi Speed dating to help get all that awful introduction stuff over with quickly and semi-painlessly.Sci-Fi speed dating is the brain child of the hilarious Ryan Glitch of New York.If anything, the programme will introduce many to an unfamiliar, but very much alive, new language.One scene sees another young man, sitting in his Star Wars-themed bedroom.

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